Canna-V-Cell: Developing Disruptive Biofarming Technology for the Cannabis Industry

Canna-V-Cell Sciences (CSE:CNVC) has launched its campaign on the Investing News Network’s cannabis channel.

Canna-V-Cell is a cannabis technology company that is the exclusive international licensee for the patent-protected BioHarvest system, a large-scale plant growth technology that is capable of producing active plant ingredients without having to physically grow the plant itself. The company intends to adapt the BioHarvest technology in order to create the active ingredients found in cannabis. Canna-V-Cell intends to leverage its technology to enter the medical and recreational cannabis space.

Canna-V-Cell’s biofarming techniques are designed to solve the supply and consistency problems that are currently hindering the cannabis industry. To achieve the company’s biofarming goals, Canna-V-Cell has designed a production facility capable of creating approximately one ton of powder containing active cannabis ingredients. The company is currently testing the feasibility of its process but expects to release products by 2020.

Canna-V-Cell’s company highlights include the following:

  • Over 10 years and $30 million have been invested in developing the Biofarming technology.
  • The Biofarming technology is expected to ease bottlenecks in the cannabis industry.
  • Canna-V-Cell will be utilizing a B2B business model and will supply its active ingredient products as a powder for repackaging by its clients.
  • The company is expecting to launch its products by 2020.
  • The current production capacity of the company’s facility is 2 tons per year and is expected to increase to 10 tons per year.
  • Canna-V-Cell’s seasoned management team has a track record of success behind them.
  • Bioharvest (the inventor and licensor of Biofarming) notably holds 50 percent of shares.

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