Abacus Announces Purchase Orders From CVS

Abacus Health Products (CSE:ABCS) announced today new retail purchase orders for its line of CBDMEDIC™ products, which are sold to consumers via retail chains and the company’s e-commerce platform.

As quoted in the press release:

Abacus is proud to announce the Company has received purchase orders from CVS (NYSE:CVS) to carry two of its new CBDMEDIC™ dermatology products for Eczema and Itch & Rash in over 400 stores. Furthermore, these two products plus an additional eight CBDMEDIC pain products will move in-line in over 600 stores. In-line is where products are sold on the shelf according to their applicable category section. For example, these eight pain products will be added to the analgesic section of the store.

“We are encouraged to see the continued interest and growth in CBDMEDIC™ among leading retailers throughout the United States,” said Perry Antelman, CEO of Abacus. “In particular, the fact that CBDMEDIC™ products are now being positioned in-line demonstrates the acceptance of our over-the-counter products within the traditional pain relief and skincare categories and we look forward to seeing the continued growth in the number of retail locations in which CBDMEDIC™ is available.”

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